Tuesday, December 9, 2008


007. Drasht`avyeeshu kim uttamam? Mriga dris`aha preema prasannam mukham!
Ghraatavyeeshu api kim? Tadaasya pavanaha!
S`ravyeeshu kim? Tadvacahaa!
Kim svaadyeeshu? Tad oosht`ha pallava rasaha!
Sprusyeeshu kim? Tad vapuhu!
Dhyeeyam kim? Navayauvanee sahrudayaihi tad vibhramaha!

The poet undertakes questions and answers. 1. What is the best thing to see? Ans: The love filled face of the deer-like beloved. 2. What is the best for smelling? Ans: Her breathe. 3. What is the best to listen? Ans: Her words. 4. What is the best for sipping? Ans: The juice from her succulent lips. 5. What is the best for touching? Her body. 6. What is the best to meditate on? Ans: The young gentle beloved’s ecstasy.

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