Monday, October 12, 2009


20. Pran`aya madhuraaha, preemoodgaara rasaas`rayataam gataaha
Phan`iti madhura mugdhapraayaha prakas`ita sammadaaha,
Prakriti subhagaa visrambaardhaaha smaroodaya daayinoo,
Rahasi kimasi svairaalaapa haranti mrigiidris`aam.

The poet describes of damsels’ looks and laments that they rob the entire treasures of lovers. The description: 1. Eyes resembling those of deer. 2. Succulent, sweet love-filled words. 3. Words promoting mutual love. 4. Soaked with ecstasy and bliss. 5. Encouraging the Cupid. 6. Passion-promoting whishpers.

Won't we get a feeling of being robbed when we see the sweet face of Drew Barrimore in the film "Cinderella Ever After"?

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