Thursday, October 25, 2007

#120 Love during Winter Season, fall

DESCRIPTION OF Love during Winter (Fall): SISIRA RUTU

Kees`aan aakulayan
Dris`oo mukulayan,
Vaaso balaadakshipa
Vaaram vaaram udaara
Siit krita kritoo
Dantachchataan piid`ayan
Praayaha S`ais`ira eesha Samprati
Marut kantaa Sukaantaayatee.

The poet Bhartruhari is comparing the breeze of winter to the behavior of a lover towards his beloved. We know what lovers do to one another.

Kees`aan aakulayan -- Disturbing the hair. (Lover also plays with the curls on the forehead of his beloved).

Dris`oo mukulayan -- Closing the eye lids. (Lover also may close the eye lids of the beloved from behind to surprise her).

Vaasoo balaadakshipaa -- Forcibly lifting the garments. (Lover also may lift the garments of his beloved to provoke her).

Aatanvan pulakoodgamaman -- Evoking a hair raising sensation. (Loer also may try to evoke the same by fiddling on beloved's skin, with his fingers).

Prakat`ayaan angeeshu kampanee S`anaih -- Evoking shivering in all the organs. (Lover also may do it through his foreplay).

Vaaram vaaram udaara siitkrita kritoo -- Repeatedly making peculiar sounds of hissing. (Lovers also may make sounds).

Dantachchata piid`ayaan -- Biting with cold. (Lovers also bite one another with teeth).

Kaantaa sukaantayatee -- like a husband taunts his wife

Praayaha Samprati Sisira Marut -- The breezy wind of the winter behaves.

Sisira Rutu consists of laws two months in Indian Lunar Calendar, i.e. Maagham, Phalgun`am.
Maagham : Lunar month in which, the star Regulus will be in conjunction with moon on the full moon day; (moon and Regulus will look near to one another, with moon in forefront because it is closer).

Phalgun`am : Lunar month in which, the star Uttara Phalgun`i (Denebola) will be in conjunction with moon on the full moon day.

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