Friday, November 30, 2007

#89 How to love in summer season?


SUMMER (3) - GRISHMA RITU (pr: Griishma Rutu) (3)

Bhartrihari used three verses to describe summer season. This is the THIRD verse.

Sudhaa s`ubhram dhaama,
sphurad amala rashmihi S`as`adharaha,
Priyaa vaktraambhoojam,
malayaja rajas`cha (rasas`cha) ati surabhihi,
Srajee hridii aamoodas tad,
idam akhilam raagin`ii janee,
Karooti antaha kshoobham,
na tu vishaya samsarga vimukhee.

The special joys of summer affect those who are interested in this world and its object of delight. They cannot hurt an introvert who is averse to sensual pleasures.

1, HOMES glowing WHITE walls with fresh application of slaked lime.
2. MOON glowing WHITE with white light.
3. Beloved's LOTUS FACE
4. Sweet smells of powdes and pastes of SANDALWOOD
5. GARLANDS oozing out heartening and captivating scents.


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good post,
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