Wednesday, November 28, 2007

#090 Rainy season is like an young damsel


Tarun`ii veeshaa, diipta kaama,
Vikasita Jaatii Pushpa sugandhii,
Unnata piina payoodhara bhaaraa,
Praavrit` tanu tee kasya na harsham.

The poet Bhartrihari says that the rainy season like a young damsel excites and induces ecstasy in everybody. He finds two common factors in using a simile of comparing the rain season to a damsel.

1. The rainy season is filled with sweet smells from the heavily blooming "Jaaji" flowers. The girls also wear Jaaji flowers in their braids aplenty and ooze out their smell.

2. The rainy season carries along heavy water bearing clouds. The damsels carry high milk bearing breasts. The poet uses the figure of speech PUN here.
Payoo = 1. water 2. milk. Payoodhara = 1. Clouds (bear water) 2. Breasts (bear milk).

The poet wonders in whom such damsels do not produce blissful joy? (Implies: The generate pleasure in everybody.)

JATI (pr: JAATI), JAJI (pr:JAAJI): Botanical Name: Jasminium grandiflorum. A creeper with white flowers. A type of jasmin. Also called Maalati.

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