Friday, November 16, 2007

#091 Love when sky is filled with dense clouds


Viyad upacita meegham bhuumayaha kandal`inyoo,
navakut`aja kadamba moodinoo gandhavaahaha,
Sikhikula kala keekaaraava ramyaa vanaantaahaa,
Sukhinam asukhinam vaa, sarvam utkant`hayanti.

The poet Bhartrihari says that the rainy season excites and induces ecstasy in everybody, whether already comfortable and rejoicing or the grieving. The poet highlights the scenary of the monsoons:
1. Sky filled with dense clouds;
2. Fields filled with mushrooms;
3. Winds filled with sweet smells of just bloomed wild jasmins, and blowing gently.
4. Forest groves filled with "keekaa" sounds of peacocks.

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