Friday, December 28, 2007


SUMMER (1) - GRISHMA RITU (pr: Griishma Rutu) (1)

Bhartrihari used THREE verses to describe summer season. This is the FIRST verse.

Achchaachcha candana rasaa
aardra taraa mrigaakshyoo
Dhaaraa grihaan`i,
kusumani a, kaumudii ca,
Mandoo marut sumanasaha,
s`ucii harmya prisht`ham,
Grishmee madam ca,
madanam ca, vivandhyanti.

Even in hot summer, men can get comfortable, strong, and willing to receive Cupid. The poet describes the facilitators:
1. 'Deer-eyed' Damsels whose bodies are applied with sandalwood paste.
2. Homes fitted with water fountains and showers.
3. Flowers.
4. Moonlight.
5. Slow weaving breeze.
6. Clean terrace of the house.

madam = hyperactivity because of strength and potence. madanam = Cupid's affectations.

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