Sunday, December 9, 2007

#109 Love during summer season

SUMMER (2) - GRISHMA RITU (pr: Griishma Rutu) (2)

Bhartrihari used THREE verses to describe summer season. This is the SECOND verse.

Srajoo hridyaa moodhaa
vijajaanee pavanas chandra kiran`aaha
paraagaha kaasaraaroo
malayaja rasaha s`iidhee vis`adam
s`ucihi saudhootsangahee
pratanu vasanam pankaja dris`oo
nidaaghaartaa veeteed
vilasati labhantee sukritinaha.

Bhartrihari is describing the fortune of those virtuous persons who:--

1. wear sweet smelling garlands;
2. enjoy breeze from hand fans;
3. enjoy moonlight;
4. apply sandalwood paste to their bodies;
5. wear thin garments;
6. live on the clean terraces of white washed buildings;
7. enjoy with lotus eyed girls.

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