Monday, January 21, 2008

#084 Female cuckoos and women whose husbands are away

SPRING (4) - VASANTA RITU (pr: Vasanta Rutu) (4)

Bhartrihari used SIX verses to describe SPRING season. This is the FOURTH verse. (81 to 86).

Paantha strii virahaanalaahuti
kalaa maatanvatii manjarii
Maakandeeshu pikaanganaabhir
aadhunaa sootkant`ham aalookyatee
Alpaastee nava paat`alaa parimala
praag bhaara paat`achcharaa
Vaanti klaanti vitaanataa
navakritaaha S`rii khand`a s`aila anilaaha.

In the first two lines, the poet is using an apt simile: He is comparing female cuckoos to women whose husbands are away/abroad and separated from them. Blooming MANGO flowers arouse desires both in SEPARATED WOMEN and the CUCKOOS.

In the last two lines, the poet is describing the gentle breezes flowing from the sandalwood filled 'Sri forests' (S`rii khand`a s`aila). The winds too have two functions: 1. Stealing and absorbing the scents of blooming Paat`alii flowers. 2. Ameliorating the fatigue of the tired bodies of lovers after their long intercourse.

THIS verse is a delightful description of the effect of spring season on humans. At the same time, it has a sad tinge: the sufferings of separated women, cannot be
ameliorated either by the breezes or the flowers.

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