Monday, January 14, 2008

#085, Living with women during spring season

SPRING (6) - VASANTA RITU (pr: Vasanta Rutu) (5)

Bhartrihari used SIX verses to describe SPRING season. This is the FIFTH verse. (81 to 86)

Pradhitaha pran`ayavatiinaam
taavat pada maatanootu hridi maanaha
Bhavati na yaavat, candana taru
surabhir malaya pavamaanaha.

Women, whenever, they come to know about the philandering of their lovers, are affected by jealousy. Such ladies turn their faces aside, when their husbands approach them and refuse to speak to them.

The same ladies, with the advent of spring season, get caught by Cupid, when hit by the cool southern breezes flowing through the sandalwood plants. They lose all their temper and reapproach their husbands again.

This verse might have been appropriate in the 7th Century A.D. during which period male domination and polygamy were common among Indian households.

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