Saturday, February 2, 2008

#104 Love during spring season

SPRING (4) - VASANTA RITU (pr: Vasanta Rutu) (3)
Bhartrihari used SIX verses to describe SPRING season. This is the THIRD verse. (81 to 86).

Avaasaha kim kimcideeva,
daita paarsvee vilaasa alasaha,
Karn`ee kookila kaaminii kalaravaha,
smeeroo lataa man`t`apaha,
goosht`hii satkavibhisamam,
katipayais seevyaaha sitaams`oo karaaha,
keeshaam cit sukhayantyaveehi,
hridayee caitree vicitraaha srajaha.

The poet describes the blissful days of spring-time spent by the fortunate, by the following happy events:

a) tired wife on the side, happy after intercourse;
b)hearing the 'kuhu' sounds of female cuckoos;
c)staying under the fully blooming canopies of creepers and shrubs;
d)participating in delightful discussions of poets and scholars;
e)awe inspiring, bewitching moon-lit nights.

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