Friday, April 18, 2008

#006 , VERSES 6 TO 10

6. Smitam kincin mugdham, saral`a tarakshoo drisht`I vibhavaha,parispandoo vaacaam, abhinava vilaasoo ukti sarasaha,
Gataanaam aarambhaha kisalayita liilaa parikaraha,
Sprus`anti yaas taarun`am, kim iva hi na ramyam, mriga dris`aha.

What is not delightful in a lass? Everything is delectable in a nascent young lass looking like an young deer. The poet lists out: 1. Smile a little innocent. 2. Good and pervading looks. 3. Nascent love-filled words. 4. Elegantly styled steps just starting to take off.

7. Drasht`avyeeshu kim uttamam? Mriga dris`aha preema prasannam mukham!
Ghraatavyeeshu api kim? Tadaasya pavanaha!
S`ravyeeshu kim? Tadvacahaa!
Kim svaadyeeshu? Tad oosht`ha pallava rasaha!
Sprusyeeshu kim? Tad vapuhu!
Dhyeeyam kim? Navayauvanee sahrudayaihi tad vibhramaha!

The poet undertakes questions and answers. 1. What is the best thing to see? Ans: The love filled face of the deer-like beloved. 2. What is the best for smelling? Ans: Her breathe. 3. What is the best to listen? Ans: Her words. 4. What is the best for sipping? Ans: The juice from her succulent lips. 5. What is the best for touching? Her body. 6. What is the best to meditate on? Ans: The young gentle beloved’s ecstasy.

REM The poet covers all the sense organs of the lover 1. eyes 2. nose 3. ears 4. tongue 5. skin. Above all the mind.

8. Yeetaas calad valaya samhati meekhaloottha
Jhankaara nuupura paraajita raajahamsyaha
Kurvanti na manoo vivas`am tarun`yoo
Vitrasta mugdha harin`ii sadrusaih kat`aakshaih.

The poet wonders: These girls equalling timid young deer with their askant looks, will they not captivate the hearts of men? The poet describes the capabilities of the girls and finds that they have excelled the male swans by attracting the female swans. Here, the excellence of the girls is in their elegant movement producing the “kala kala” sounds of swans. The bangles, the waist-ornaments, and the ornaments of the legs make resonant “gala gala” sounds.

9. Kumkuma pamka kal`amkita deehaa
Gaura payoodhara kampita haaraaha
Nuupura hamsa ran`at pada padmaa
Kam na vas`ii kurutee bhuvi raamaha.

Which man will not be tempted by lasses with bodies applied with vermillon all over, the gold colored breasts vibrating with laces (of pearls etc.), the dancing feet resonating with the sounds of anklets? (Implied answer: Every human will be tempted.)

REM: Bhartruhari had seen both the worlds. The world of beauty, passion and temptation. And his culmination is in detachment and renunciation.

10. Nuunam hi tee kavi varaa vipariita vaacoo
Yee Nityam Aahuur abalaa iti kaaminii staaha
Yaabhir viloola taaraka drisht`i paatai
S`akraadayooapi vijitaas tva abalaaha kat`ham taaha?

Bhartruhari mocks at those great poets who call women as “the weak”. He says that they deride the established truth. His words are not fake. Just by the movement of irises, their looks have defeated Indra and other demi Gods (Indra is the chief of the Gods in Heaven). How can they be considered weak?

In Bhartruhari’s view, even Cupid is a servant of ladies.

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