Friday, April 18, 2008

#011 , VERSES 11 TO 15

11. Nuunam aagnaakaras tapyaaha
subhruvoo Makara Dhwajaha
Yatas tanneetra samcaara
suuciteeshu pravartatee.

Just as servants execute the commands of the master conveyed just through his looks, the Cupid goes and strikes those, whom the lasses chase with their looks.

12. Kees`aaha Samyaminaha,
S`ruteer api param paaramgatee loocanee,
Antarvaktramapi svabhaava s`ucibhihi
Kiirn`am dvijaanaam gan`aihi
Muktaanaam satataadhivaasa ruchirau
Vakshooja kumbhaavimaa,
Vittham tanvi vapuhu pras`aantam api tee,
Raagam karooti eeva naha.

Bhartruhari is using pun very effectively. He is at the same time reconciling the opposite implications of the meaning. The poet is addressing a lass:
“Oh lady! You look very serene. Your hair is well regulated. Your eyes look at S`rutiis (scriptures). Your mouth is by itself very clean. Priests reside on your tongue (your words are pure). Your breasts are delivered and relieved. Thus your body and gait looks very tranquil. Yet they make tempests in our hearts by arousing lust and passion.”

REM The poet uses the figure of speech “Viroodha aabhaasa” here. The resolution of the conflict is very aesthetic.

13. Mugdhee! dhaanushkataa keeyam
Apuurvaat tvai drus`yatee?
Yayaa vidhyasi ceetaamsi,
Gun`eer eeva na saayakaihi.

Bhartruhari is comparing the girl to an archer.
The poet addresses her: Oh Mugdhee! Oh lass! (Not yet well versed in the art of love). Thou you are an inexperienced lass you look like an expert archer. The archers can strike only by using bows and arrows. Whereas you use your qualities (beauty etc.) as the string of the bow targeting our hearts. Is this not amazing?

14. Sati Pradiipee, Satyarkau, Satsutaaraman`iindushu
Vinaa mee mruga s`aabaakshyaa tamoo bhuutam idam Jagat.

Bhartruhari is using here, a broken-lover as a narrator, saying to his friend. The lover says: “There is the Sun to give light; the Moon; the Stars; the lamps. Yet my life and the world is dark to me without my beloved with her deer like eyes.”

REM: Lady is the lamp of life.

15. Udvruttaha stana bhaarayeesha
Taralee neetree chalee bhruulatee
Raagaadhisht`hitam Oosht`ha pallavam ivam,
Kurvamtu naamavyathaam,
Saubhaagya karapankti keeva likhitaa,
Pushpaayudheena svayam,
Madhyastha –api karooti taapam adhikam
Roomaaval`i keena saa.

This is a prayer to the beloved. “Your everything is paining me. The heavy round breasts; the fast moving eye brows; lips red with love; above all the row of letters written on your naval by the Cupid himself (referring to the line of hair around her naval).”

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