Friday, April 18, 2008

#016 , VERSES 16 TO 19

16. Mukheena, candrakaanteena, Mahaaniilai sirooruhai
Karaabhyaam, padmaraagaabhyaam, reejee ratnamayiivasaa.

This is a description of the beloved. The face is like a gem (called Candrakaamta or moonlit stone). The hair is like a blue stone. The hands are like rubies. The lass is appearing like filled with precious stones.

17. Gurun`aa stana bhaareen`a,
mukha candreen`a bhaasvataam,
S`anaisvaraabhyaam paadaabhyaam
Reejee grahamayiiva saa.

She appeared to be totally composed of planets. Here the figures of speech “pun and simile” is used very effectively. Her breasts are heavy. Here the word Guru means 1) heavy 2) the planet Jupiter.

Her face glows like the Moon. Her feet resembles the Planet Saturn (which does not have a straight stable motion).

18. Tasyaaha stanau yadi ghanau, jaghanam ca haari,
Vaktram ca caaru, tava citta kim aakulatvam?
Pun`yam kurushva yadi teeshu tava asti vaamchaa,
Pun`ai vinaaha na hi bhavanti samiihitaardhaaha.

What if her breasts are large? What if her hips are elegant? What if her mouth is pleasing? Why does your mind get agitated? If you have desire to possess them, then do good deeds. Only through virtuous actions, desires can be fulfilled.

19. Imee taarun`yasrii nava parimal`aaha praud`ha surata
Prataapa praarambhaaha smara vijaya daana pratibhauh
Ciram ceetas cooraa abhinava vikaaraika guravooh
Vilaasa vyaapaaraha kim api vijayantee mrugadrus`aam.

The poet describes the 'love-filled' body language of the girl. By the word "taarunyasrii" he calls her a treasurehouse of youthfulness. By "Navaparimal`aaha" he appreciates her sweet nascent body odor. But by using the word "Praud`ha" he treats her as knowledgeable and mature about sex. Her gestures indicate beginning of prospective extensive intercourse. The phrase "Smara Vijaya" refers to the Cupids victory over lover. The postures work as guards for the Cupid's victory over the lover. The movements are thieves robbing the wakeful alertness of the lovers. They are teachers of lovers, in producing all the fickle oscillations of the mind "Vikaara Guravooh". The fanciful actions of these "deerlike=mriga drus`a" girls are immeasurable.

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