Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#081 Girls with faces sweating from play of intercourse

SPRING SEASON (1) - VASANTA RITU (pr: Vasanta Rutu) (1)
Bhartrihari used SIX verses to describe SPRING season. This is the FIRST verse. (81 to 86).

Parimal`a bhritoo vaataha
saakhaasavaankuraa koot`ayooh
Maadhuuka vidhuuroot kant`haa
bhaajaha priyaaha pika pakshin`aam
Virasa viral`a (surata) sveedoodgaaraa
vadhuu vadaneendavaha
Prasarati madhau dhaatriyaam jatoo
na kasya gun`oodayaha.

The spring provides the facilitators for the conjugation of the lovers.

1. Breezes filled with BEWITCHING SCENTS.
2. Trees with nascent buds sprouting from branches.
3. Cuckoos cooing with nectar-filled throats.
4. Girls with faces sweating from play of intercourse.

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