Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#082 Fate of lovers on ill-fated days

SPRING SEASON (2) - VASANTA RITU (pr: Vasanta Rutu) (2)
Bhartrihari used SIX verses to describe SPRING season. This is the SECOND verse. (81 to 86).

Madhurayam madhurair api kookilaa kalakalair
Malayasyya ca vaayu bhi hi
Virahin`aha prahin`asti s`ariirin`oo
Viparipanta sudha api vishaayatee.

The poet laments:-
When ill-fated days manifest, the same things which delight the lives of men and women turn grief-strikers. The spring season with its kuhu kuhu sounds of cuckoos, and the sweet breezes, is supposed to refresh and enliven the spirits of everybody. But, for the separated lovers, the same spring season becomes a tormentor.

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