Friday, April 18, 2008

#036 , VERSES 36 TO 40

36. Maatsaryam utsaarya vicaarya kaaryam
Aaryaa! Samaaryaadaam idam vadantu:
Seevyaaha nitambaaha kim bhuudharaan`aam
uta smara smeera vilaasiniinaam.

The poet is addressing wise scholars: “Oh wise reverred persons! Leaving jealousy, following due proces, pl. ponder over and identify clearly, what is to be chosen between the two:

First: Serve the hips of the mountains
Second: the hips of the damsels with Cupid-occupied hips and smiling faces.

37. Samsaaree, svapna saaree, parin`ati taralee,
dvee gatii pand`itaan aam,
Tatva gnaana amrut augha plava lalita dhiyaam
yaatuhu kaala kathancit
No ceen mugdhaanganaa naam
stana jaghana ghanaa abhooga sambhooginii naam
Sthuuloo upastha sthaliishu sthagita
kara kamala liiloodyamaanam.

The scholars have two alternatives to decide upon.

The first: Spend the time sailing on the boat of philosophical exploration and awareness.

The second: Spend the time moving hands in exploring the hips, thighs and other places of great breasted and hipped lasses.

38. Aavaasaha priyataam Gaamgee,
paapa haarin`i vaarin`i,
Stana dvayee tarun`yaaha
mano haarin`i haarin`i.

First choice: Blissfully live on the banks of the Ganga river, with sin cleansing waters.

Second choice: Blissfully live at the two breasts of youthful damsels encapturing the hearts and conquering the lovers.

39. Kim iha bahubhir uktair,
yukti s`uunyai pralaapaihr,
Dvayam idam purushaaha
sarvada seevaniiyam,
Abhinava mata liilaa
laalasam sundariin`aam
Stanabhara pari khinnam,
yauvanam vaa, vanam vaa.

What is the use of talking in futility, devoid of an effective plan ? Two objects are available to humans to serve:

The first: The youth (yauvanam). Serve nymphs laden with heavy breasts and revelling from nascent youth.

The second: The forest (vanam). Serve renunciation.

40. Satyam janaa vacmi na pakshapaataal,
lookeeshu saptasvapi tathyam api eetat,
Naa anyan manohaarii nitambinoobhyoo,
duhkhaika heetur na ca kaschit anyaha.

Oh people! I shall tell the truth without any bias. In all the seven worlds, this is the absolute truth. There is nothing else but the women who can provide absolute pleasure (For a person who does not have renunciation). When he gets due renunciation, there can be nothing else except the women who can cause misery. (Gist: Joy or misery depends upon the mental state of the man).

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