Friday, April 18, 2008

#041 , VERSES 41 TO 45


41. Kaanteetyutpala loocaneeti
vipula s`roon`ii bhatyutusukareen namat
Piinoottunga payoodhareeti
sumukhamboo jeeti subhruur iti,
Drisht`vaam uhyati moodatee
abhi ramatee prastauti vidvaan api
pratyaksha as`uci bhastrikaam
striyam ahoo moohasya dus`ceestitamaha.

The poet wonders: Even a scholar is getting tempted after seeing a damsel who is like a leather puppet and is getting delighted within himself. He tells himself: ‘This lass has lotus eyes. This girl has big hips. This youngster has captivating breasts. This girl has face of a blue tulip. This damsel has a creeper like body. This lady has great brows.’ Thus the scholar is praising women and enjoying within himself. Alas! The misdeeds of temptation!

42. Smritaa bhavati taapaaya,
drisht`vaa ca unmaada kaarin`ii,
sprisht`aa bhavati moohaaya,
Saa naama daitaa katham?

The poet wonders how a lass can be called a ‘beloved’, when she causes agony at every stage. She enflames a person when he reflects about her. She makes a person insane when he sees her. She sends him into delerium tremens when he touches her. How is it that her name is the ‘dear’!

43. Taavad eevamruta mayii
yaavallocana goocaraa
cakshush pathaa tiitaa
tu vishad yapi ati ricyatee.

Her very sight makes a person taste nectar. Her very disappearance from sight makes a person taste taste poison and endangers his life.

44. Naamritam na visham kimcid
eekaam muktvaa nitambiniim,
Naivaamruta lataayuktaa
vimuktaa visha vallarii.

There is no nectar or poison except the hipped damsel. If she is full of love and affection, she will be nectar. If she does not love, she is like a venomous creeper.

45. Aavartaha sams`ayaanaam, avinaya bhavanam,
pat`tan`am sahasaanaam,
Dooshaan`aam sannidhaanam, kapat`a s`ata mayam,
ksheetram apratyaanaam,
Svarga dvaarasya vighnoo,
naraka pura mukham, sarva maaya karand`am,
Strii yantram keena srisht`am,
visham amrita mayam, praan`i lookasya paas`aha.

The poet wonders: Which magician created this gadget called ‘woman’ who is:

a) a dwelling of all dilemmas;
b) a palace for disobedience;
c) a town of courage;
d) a podium for defects and sins;
e) a repertory of a hundred slynesses;
f) a field for suspicions
g) a line of hurdles to the gate of the Heaven;
h) an entrance for the hell;
i) a venom of illusions.

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