Friday, April 18, 2008

#051 , VERSES 51 TO 55

51. Apasara sakhee! Duuraat
asmaat kat`aaksha vishaanalaat,
Prakriti vishamaad yooshit sarvaad,
vilaasa phan`aa bhritaha,
Itara phan`inaad asht`as-
s`akyas cikitsatum aushadhais,
Chatura vanitaa bhoogi grastam,
tyajanti hi mantrin`aha.

The poet is comparing a prostitute/debauching woman to a serpant. The doctors who cure snake bites, bring herbs and roots and use them to reduce the intensity of venom. But they know that it is not possible to heal a person bitten by a debauching woman and leave such persons to their fate. The poet advises: ‘Oh friend! Stay away from the gorgeous woman and her luxurious looks emit fierce beams of fire from the multi-heads of a ferocious serpant.’

52. Vistaaritam makara keetana dhiivareen`a
Strii sangnitam bad`isam atra bhavaambu raas`au,
Teena aciraat tad adharaamisha loola martya,
matsyaan vikrishya sa padati yanuraaga vahnau.

This is a well-knit of verse of similes. The poet is comparing Cupid to a fisherman. (Makara keetana = Cupid having a crocodile on the flag post). The mundane family is the Sea. Woman is the fishing net/fishing rod. Lips are the bait. Lover is the fish. A lover who gets tempted by the lips is caught in the Cupid’s net. The Cupid pulls the fish and roasts it in the fire of ‘love’.

53. Kaaminii kaaya kaantaaree,
kuca parvata durgamee,
maa sancara manah paantha!
tatraastee mee smara taskaraha.

The poet is comparing Cupid to a thief and the lover to a wayfarer in a forest. The poet is the cautioning the wanderer: “Oh drifter! Do not move in the forest of the body of a woman, which has impenetrable and insurmountable mountains called ‘breasts’. There the dacoit called the ‘Cupid’ is moving.”

54. Vyaa diirgheen`a caleena vakra gatinaa
teejasvinaa bhooginaa,
Niilaabja dyuti naahinaa varam
aham dasht`oo na ta cakshushaad,
asht`ee santi cikitsaakaa
dis`i dis`i praaya dharmaarthi noo,
Mugdhaakshi kshan`a viikshitasya ta hi
mee vaidyoo, na vaa api aushadham.

There are doctors and medicines to save a person from the bite of an extremely venomous black cobras. But there are no doctors and drugs which can cure a person bitten by the rays emitting in a wavy trajectory from the blue-tulip eyes of a glowing luxurious damsel.

55. Iha hi madhura giitam,
nrittam eetad rasoo ayam,
sphurati parimal`oo asau,
spars`a eesha stanaanaam,
Iti hata paramaarthair,
indriai bhraamya maan`aha,
Svahita karan`a dhuurtaih
pancabhir ancitoo asmi.

The poet is lamenting: ‘Alas! I have become deprived of superior things. I have been made to forget my life’s goal by the five sense organs: 1. hearing: sweet lyrics 2. watching: stylish dances 3. smelling: incenses 4. touching: breasts 5. tasting: succulent juices. Caught by this set of sensations, I lost my direction.

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