Friday, April 18, 2008

#056 , VERSES 56 TO 60

56. Na gamyoo mantraan`aam,
na ca bhavati bhaishajya vishayoo,
Na ca api pradhvamsam
vrajati vividhaih s`aantika s`ataaih,
Bhramaavees`aad ange eekam api
vidadhad bhamgam asakrit,
Smara apasmaaroo ayam bhramayati
dris`am ghuurn`ayati ca.

The poet laments: There is no cure for this disease of lust. There are no magic charms to cure these convulsions and spasms caused by the Cupid. There are no medicines even from the best physicians. Nor there are any procedures of pacifying sanctifying rituals. For this disease of circling and gyrating the eyes in fits of insatiable lust, there are no correcting procedures.

57. Jaati andhaaya ca, durmukhaaya ca,
jaraa jiirn`a akhilaangaaya ca,
Graamin`aaya ca, dushkulaaya ca,
gal`at kusht`haabhi bhuutaayaca,
yacchantiishu manooharam
nija vapur lakshmi lava s`raddhayaa,
Pan`ya striishu viveka kalpa
latikaas`astreeshu rajyeeta kaha?

The poet is condemning the union with prostitutes. First he denounces the prostitutes: “They entertain and surrender their body in exchange for one Rupee to a born blind person, ugly faced person, an extremely aged person whose organs have been putrefied by old age, person suffering from leprosy, idiot, low born person.” She is like a sword which hacks the plant of wisdom in an individual. Who will approach such women?

58. Vees`yaasau madana jvaalaa,
rupeendhana sameedhitaa,
Kaamibhir yatra huuyantee,
yauvanaani dhanaani ca.

This prostitute is like a fire of lust. The fuel for it is provided by the beauty. The addicts pour their youthful years and riches in this hell-fire.

59. Kas cumbati kulapurushoo
vees`ya adhara pallavam manoognam api,
Caara coora bhat`a ceet`aka
vit`a nat`a nisht`hiivana s`araavam.

This is also a denunciation of the sex workers.
A respectable and wise person of noble descent cannot kiss the lips of the women whose lips, in spite of their being graceful and pretty. This because these have been stained by the saliva of spies, king’s men, thieves, brokers, customers, actors and numerous others.

60. Madhu tisht`hati vaaci yooshitaam,
hridi haalaahalam eeva keevalam,
Ata eeva nishiiyatee adharoo,
hridayam musht`hibhir eeva taad`yatee.

This is somewhat an ugly verse. The customers suck the lips of the sex workers. The customers clobber with their fists, the breasts of the prostitutes. According to the poet, this because the women have their lips filled with ‘honey like words’ while their hearts are filled with venomous poison (of greed for money).

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