Friday, April 18, 2008

#061 , VERSES 61 TO 65


61. Dhanyaasta yeeva
dhaval`aayata loocanaanaam
Taarun`ya darpa ghana
piina payoodharaan`aam
Kshaamoodaroopari lasat
trivalii lataanaam
Drsht`vaa aakritim vikritim
eeti manoo na yeeshaam.

Those men who do not get perturbed by the temptations of damselts are the fortunate virtuous souls. List of disturbances: 1. white eyes 2. large grand breasts 3. Liana like folds on the lean belly-narrow waist.

62. Baalee! liila mukul`itam amii
mantharaa drisht`i paataaha
Kim kshipyantee? Virama, virama,
vyartha yeesha s`raman tee,
Samprati anyee vayaha muparatam,
baalyaha maasthaa vanaantee;
Kshiin`oo moohahas; trin`am iva
jagat jaalam aalooka yaamaha.

The poet is addressing a lass, as a renounced person: ‘Oh young girl! Why do you throw your straight looks from your half closed eyes on me? Pull out! Pull out! All your effort will be futile. Now we have parted away from the attractions of youth. Now our mind is longing to dwell in forests. The lust and temptations have receded. We see the entire world as a blade of grass.’

63. Iyam baalaa maam prati
anavaratam indiivara dal`a
Prabhaa cooraha cakshuhu kshipati;
kim abhi preetam anayaa?
Gatoo mooham asmaakam,
Smara kusuma baan`a vyatikara**
Jvara jvaalaa s`aantaa
tad api na varaa kii viramati.

** another version: smara s`abara baan`a vyatikara.

The poet is describing the vain efforts of a girl to tempt him. He is addressing his friend: ‘Every minute, this girl is throwing her lotus-eyed looks on me. In doing so, her intent is not known. Our temptation is all a thing of the past. The fire ignited by the arrows of the Cupid has retreated. Still, why this innocent girl is not withdrawing from her efforts?

64. Ree kandarpa! Karam kadardha yasi
kim koodand`a t`ankaari taihi?
Ree Ree kookila! Komalaih kalaravaih
kim vaa vrithaa jalpasi?
Mugdhee! Snigdha vidagdha mugdha madhurair
loolair kat`aakshair alam,
Ceetas cumbita candra cuud`a
caran`a dhyaanaamritam vartatee.

The poet is addressing the Cupid. Oh Cupid! What for are you repeatedly stringing and sounding your bow?

Oh cuckoo! Why do you sing and sing vainly?

Oh lass! Why do you throw your bright sweet captivating looks on us!

Now, we are engaged in tasting the nectar of devotion to the moon-jewelled God S`iva.

65. Virahee api sangamaha khalu
parasparam sangatam manoo yeeshaam,
Hridayam api vighat`itam ceet
sangoo viraham vis`eeshayati.

Here, the poet is defining the real union and real separation. When the lovers are bodily separated, if they think of one another, they will still be united. Couples with estranged minds, will remain divided, even after body union.

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