Friday, April 18, 2008

#066 , VERSES 66 TO 70

66. Kim gateena yadi saa na jiivati?
Praan`iti priyatamaa tathaa api kim?
Iti udiikshya nava meegha maalikaam,
na prayaati pathikaha sva mandiram.

Here, the poet is describing a wayfarer who did not go home, analysing his thoughts in a renounced mind. ‘What if my beloved is alive? What if my beloved is dead? I have renounced the world. It is immaterial whether I stay here or I go home. Thus thinking, the traveller is ignoring the tempting messages made by the new clouds.

67. Viramita budhaa yooshita
sangaat sukhaat kshan`a bhanguraat;
Kuruta karun`a maitrii
pragnaa vadhuujana sangamam;
Na khalu narakee haaraakraantam
manas ta na mand`alam,
S`aran`am; athavaa s`roon`ii bimbam
ran`an man`ii meekhalam.

The poet is addressing the wise scholars: ‘Oh pandits! Withdraw your mind from the thoughts of transient luxurious union with women. Befriend the girls called ‘compassion, amity, and talent’. The lace-filled breasts and the sound-making waist-ornamented hips of women are not going to save you from the fires of hell.

68. Yadaa yoogaabhyaasa vyasana
kris`ayoor aatma manasoor
avicchannaa maitri sphurati
krutinahas tasya kimutaih,
priyaan`aam aalaapair athara
madhubhir vaktra vidubhih
Savis`vaasaamoodai sakuca
kalas`aas`leesha surataih.

For a person who engages his mind always in his soul and who enjoys a blissful ecstasy from it, the words of a loving woman, the honey from her lips, moon-like face, embraces of the pots of breasts, sweet scents from her breath, the happy intercourse, everything appears like a blade of grass.

69. Yad aasid agnaanam
smara timira sancaara janitam,
tadaa drisht`am naariimayam
idam as`eesham jagad iti;
Idaaniim asmaakam
pat`utara viveekaanjana jushaam
samiibhuutaa drisht`is tribhuvanam
api brahmam anu tee.

This is an intraspection from the poet. When I was submerged in ignorance born out of the darkness spread by the Cupid, everything in this world appeared to me to be full of damsels. Now, for us after the advent of vision from the discrimination of wisdom, our interllect views everything in the three worlds as the supreme spirit.


70. Taavad eeva kritinaam api sphurat
eesha nirmala viveeka diipakaha,
Yaavad eeva na kuranga cakshushaam
taad`yatee cat`ula loocanaa ancalaihi.

The lamp of wisdom will be glowing in the intellects of scholars as long as they are not hit by the looks of the deer eyed women.

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