Friday, April 18, 2008

#071 , VERSES 71 TO 75

71. Vacasi bhavati sanga tyaagam uddis`ya vaartaa
S`ruti mukhar mukhaanaam keevalam pand`itaanaam
Jaghanam arun`a rathna granthi kaancii kalaapam
Kuvalaya nayanaanaam koo vihaatum samarthaha.

The scholars with a fake renunciation declare the union with women as blameworthy and quote from scriptures. Which scholar is capable of resisting the thighs, and the frontier of the waist (bound by gem-studded ornament) of lotus eyed damsels?

72. Sva para prataarakoo asau,
nindati yoo al`iika pand`itoo yuvatiih,
yasmaat tapasoo api phalam svargaha,
svargee api ca apsaraha.

False scholars abuse women that they are bad, that they should not be approached. What is the end result of penance? Is it not heaven? Does n’t heaven mean nymphs?

73. Matteebha kumbha dal`a nee
bhuvis tani dhiiraaha,
Keecit pracand`a mriga raaja
vadhee api dakshaaha,
Kintu braviimi balinaam
purataha prasahya,
Kandarpa dal`anee
viral`aa manushyaaha.

There are courageous men who can slit the forehead of an elephant. There are brave men who can kill ferocious lions. But I declare in the presence of elders that there is no human who can restrain and command the Cupid.

74. Sanmaargee taavad aastee, prabhati
cana rastaavadeeveendriyaan`aam,
Lajjaam taavad vidhattee,
vinayam api samaalambatee taavad eeva,
Bhruucaapaakrisht`a muktaaha
s`ravan`a patha gataa niila pakshmaan`a eetee
Yaaval liilaavatiinaam na hrid dhritimushoo
drisht`i baan`aaha patanti.

Eyebrows are the bows in the hands of women. Pulling them upto their ears, women shoot arrows of their looks at men. The arrows of looks are fitted with sharp edges called ‘eye lids’. They are capable of ruining the courage of men.

As long as these arrows of women’s looks strike the men, the men will follow the path of righteousness and rein their sense organs. Till then, the men hesitate to undertake evil deeds. Till then, they will be reverant to elders.

75. Unmatta preema samrambhaad
aarabhantee, yadanganaaha,
tatra pratyuuham aadhaatum
brahmaa api khalu kaataraha.

If damsels take up any task, out of intense love and ostentation, that work cannot be stopped even by the Creator Himself

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