Friday, April 18, 2008

#076 , VERSES 76 TO 79

76. Taavan mahatvam paand`ityam kuliinatvam vivekitaa,
Yaavad jwalatiin aangeeshu hataha panceeshu paavakaha.

The fire of Cupid can reduce to ashes the greatness, merit, knowledge, respectability, wisdom of persons who are caught by the invincible flames of the Cupid.

77. S`aastragnoo api pragun`ita nayoo apy
aatta boodhoo api baad`ham
samsaaree asmin bhavati
viraloo bhaajanam sadgatiinaam,
Yeenai tasmin niraya nagara
dwaaram udghaat`ayantii
Vaamaakshiin`aam bhavati
kut`ilaa bhruulataa kuncikeena.

Here is a metaphor. The poet compares the eye brows of women to the brushed-sticks used for opening the doors of the hell. Hence a person who moves in this world, howsoever knowledgeable he may be, howsoever erudite he may be in ethics and law, howsoever well-informed he may be by his preceptors, will find it difficult to attain heaven.

78. Kris`aha, kaan`aha, khanjaha,
s`ravan`a rahitaha puccha vikaloo,
Vran`i puuya klinnaha,
krimi kula s`atair aavritta tanuhu,
Kshudhaa kshaamoo jiirn`aha
pit`haraka kapaalaarpita gal`aha,
S`unii manveeti s`vaah;
hatam api ca hantyeena Madanaha.

Madana (The Cupid) can strike and kill anybody and anything. The poet gives a list of such wretched things: Gaunt, wasted, lame, deaf, sunken eyed, tail-less, worm-affected wounds, body wet with pus and insects, starving, sunken voice. A dog suffering from all these wretchednesses will still chase a bitch with an intent to copulate with it. The Cupid kills even those who are already dead. The temptation does not go even when dead.

79. Strii mudraa kusumaayudhasya (rusha keetanasya)
paramaam (jayiniim) sarvaartha sampatkariim,
yee muud`haaha pravihaaya yaanti,
kudhiyoo mithyaa phalaanveeshin`aha,
Tee tee naiva nihatya nirdaya taram,
nagniikritaaha mund`itaaha
Keecit panca sikhii kritaas ca
jat`ilaaha kaapaalikaas ca aparee.

Here, the poet is praising the Cupid. The Cupid’s womanly poise is capable of fulfilling all the desires. It is enriching. The poet lashes at those ignore the Cupid and undertake penance in search of access to heaven and its nymphs (illusory pleasures). Disturbed at this sight, the Cupid is punishing the ascetics in many ways:

1. Making naked. (Some ascetics called ‘digambara yoogis’ are naked).
2. Tonsured headed (Some ascetics tonsure their heads. Paramahamsa sect).
3. Bearing five tuffs of hair (Some sects of priests wear five strands of hair, shaving the remaining head).
4. Making unkempt long haired (Some ascetics allow their hair to form into uncombable joined hair, applying the latex of peepal tree or some other gummy resins).
5. Making some to beg using human skulls as bowls (Kaapalika sect).
Will these people get their heavenly pleasures after death foregoing them in this birth?

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