Friday, June 27, 2008

#092 Problems of wayfarers to who do not have lovers at hand


Upari ghanam ghana paat`alam,
tiryag girayoo api nartita mayuuraha,
Kshitir api kandala daval`aa,
drisht`im pathikaha kva paatayati.


The poet discusses the problem of wayfarers who do not have lovers at hand. The wayfarers suffer because of clouds, mushrooms and peacocks. If the wayfarer looks upwards, the clouds mesmerise him to long for his (wayfarer's) beloved. If the wayfarer looks at level (foreward, backward, sidewards) there are peacocks dancing with myrth. If the wayfarer looks downwards, the mushrooms with their peculiar smell bewitch him. Thus, he cannot move without having his beloved, on his side.

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