Friday, August 22, 2008

#004 Men and women go through emotions

04. Kvacit sa bhruu bhagamgaih,
kvacit api ca lajjaa parigataih,
kvacit bhiiti trasaih,

”etaIls of the rays of light flowing from the love-full eyes of women. REM: The love making in that ancient age was not just for sexual gratification. The unification of bodies for the purpose of procreation was considered sacred and it was the culmination. Before that men and women go through emotions. The change of emotional state from “normal” to “seeking love and union” is called Uddiipanam. This inspiration has four stages: 1. Characteristics. 2. gestures of ecstasy. 3. apparels and costumes. 4. Neutralisation. In this verse, gestures of ecstasy have been explained.

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