Friday, August 22, 2008

#005 What women inherit by birth?

05. Vaktram candrahaasi, pankaja parihaasa loocanee,
Varn`aha svarn`am apaakarishn`u,
kalin`ii jishn`u kacaanaam ca cayaha,
Vakshoojaa nibha kumbha vikrama harau,
gurvi nitamba sthalii,
Vacaam ca haari ca maardavam,
yuvatishu svaabhaavikam mand`anam.

The poet describes the ornaments which women inherit by birth. 1. Face resembling full moon 2. Eyes resembling the petals of lotus. 3. Complexion glowing brighter than gold. 4. Strands of hair resembling butterflies 5. Breasts resembling the forehead of a female elephant. 6. Heavy hips. 7. Smooth and sweet words.

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