Tuesday, December 9, 2008


008. Yeetaas calad valaya samhati meekhaloottha
Jhankaara nuupura paraajita raajahamsyaha
Kurvanti na manoo vivas`am tarun`yoo
Vitrasta mugdha harin`ii sadrusaih kat`aakshaih.

The poet wonders: These girls equalling timid young deer with their askant looks, will they not captivate the hearts of men? The poet describes the capabilities of the girls and finds that they have excelled the male swans by attracting the female swans. Here, the excellence of the girls is in their elegant movement producing the “kala kala” sounds of swans. The bangles, the waist-ornaments, and the ornaments of the legs make resonant “gala gala” sounds.

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